L.G.R. was born in 2008 from an idea of ​​Luca Gnecchi Ruscone. In creating his glasses, he draws inspiration from the adventurous life of his grandfather who, in the 1930s, moved to Africa, where he opened a small photo-optics business.

The vintage inspiration of the collection is deeply connected with Africa, with the desire for adventure and with the love for the wild and romantic beauty of the continent. The L.g.r. they have a timeless charm and style and are entirely handmade by Italian craftsmen: polishing is performed without the use of solvents or paints, so as to ensure the typical silky finish of the L.g.r. ; the mineral tempered glass lenses, 100% made in Italy, boast the highest level of sharpness possible.

The indisputable quality and elegance of L.g.r. they have conquered numerous international celebs including Giorgio Armani and Tom Cruise but also numerous blue blood fans such as Prince William and Pierre Casiraghi.


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