Founded in 2003 in Berlin, Mykita established its first headquarters on the premises of a former kindergarten for children called “KITA”. This inspired the name and the company philosophy built on the culture of curiosity and play. The original approach, mixed with the independent and pioneering spirit typical of projects born in Berlin, represent the key to Mykita’s success.

From product to business, every phase of the Mykita eyewear production process develops within the Mykita Haus, which has become famous for its glasses in ultra-thin stainless steel sheets and for the spiral hinge that replaces the more conventional hinges: a patent that has decreed the success of the company and which has become the distinctive feature of Mykita frames, a technical and aesthetic solution at the same time.

A constant search for innovation, the visionary use of materials and a vast experience in eyewear design, are the distinctive elements of the Mykita collections which in 2011 launched the first line of 3D printed glasses and which over the years has signed several collaborations with international designers such as Damir Doma, Maison Margiela and Helmut Lang. And it is thanks to these capsules that Mykita has pushed further towards the world of the avant-garde with eyewear with sophisticated shapes and colors thanks to which it has become an established name in the panorama of international fashion.


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