Pugnale & Nyleve

Pugnale & Nyleve

Research, experimentation and passion for design these are the elements that make Pugnale & Nyleve an excellence in the world of eyewear.

From the expertise of Emanuele Pugnale in the technology and high-tech sector and from his passion for eyewear, this innovative brand was born in 2013, which creates real “objects of desire”.

Calling them glasses is an understatement: Pugnale proposes a completely new way of interpreting this object; the choice of unusual materials far from the world of eyewear and pioneering processing techniques that bring out the best of Made in Italy excellence.

A completely new approach to this sector that makes Pugnale a unique company of its kind.

Oval, square, oversized, these glasses are small extravagant sculptures that dress and enhance the look of the wearer.
Thanks to its unique style and increasingly performing processing techniques, truly surprising creative synergies have been born with prestigious companies that have created truly unique Limited Edition capsules.


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