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Born in Paris are Thierry Lasry’s ‘Futuristic Vintage’ sunglasses. This is how we can define the style of this visionary who, in 2006, launched his first collection that celebrates the past through references to the years of the great movie stars of the past and 1980s’ glamour.

Growing up in a creative environment, his father an optician (Henry Larys) and his mother a designer, Thierry Lasry created an exclusive and highly recognizable eyewear brand that is worn by international celebrities such as Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Naomi Campbell. His inspiration was the 1980s, which he considers the most innovative and creative decade of the 20th century, and which he celebrates with broad, oversized frames and a highly evocative design. The frames are of great impact, similar to sculptures shaped by the hands of the master craftspeople who make them. Every pair of Thierry Lasry glasses is fully handmade by French craftspeople, using only Mazucchelli acetate and with colours created exclusively for the Parisian designer.

Recently, the sunglasses collection has been added to with a line of prescription frames that retain the vintage inspiration without renouncing modern details and very particular shades of colour.


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