Thom Browne

Thom Browne

The story of Thom Browne began in 2001 in New York, a cosmopolitan metropolis sensitive to trends, where the designer opened his first boutique; here for years he worked as a “tailor”, making tailor-made men’s suits, his true passion.

The small shop-atelier where Thom Browne receives customers by appointment only, enjoys immediate success and already in 2004 his first complete collection of ready-to-wear and men’s accessories arrives on the market, implemented in 2011 by the women’s collection.

His success led him to establish important working collaborations; among these in 2011 the one with the luxury eyewear brand most loved by celebrities all over the world: DITA EYEWEAR.

There are several points in common that transform the collaboration into a joint venture with global success: the obsessive attention to detail and the quality of materials.

In fact, Thom Browne’s glasses require long processing times and multiple production steps in which artisanal details and more modern manufacturing technologies harmoniously coexist.

Lightness, resistance and comfort mixed with contemporary lines far from passing trends are characteristics that transform Thom Browne’s glasses into unique accessories through which to stand out and tell your own story, the mirror of the very style of the person who wears it.

Each individual model is meticulously finished with its designer’s distinctive signature: the red, white and blue colors on the temple tips.

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