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Masunaga X Kenzo Takada

With over 100 years in business, Masunaga is the oldest eyewear factory in Japan. 
About 200 all hand-performed steps create Masunaga glasses. 
The entire production chain takes place within the company, from the design and processing of the raw materials, to the manual cleaning of each item. The integration of each stage of the production process ensures the high quality standards of Masunaga glasses.

The collaboration with Kenzo Takada stems from the need to combine the vintage-inspired elements typical of Masunaga glasses with a more contemporary design.
Every detail, from the delicate bevelling on the nose-bridge and temples inspired by the jewellery of the1920s to the skilful use of craftsmanship, all add up to make the Kenzo Takada frames immediately recognisable for an increasingly attentive and sophisticated clientele.


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