Born in Venice Beach in 2014, Alhem is a brand born from the creativity of the Parisian designer Ahlem Manai Platt.

It is a young eyewear line, with a fresh and contemporary design that mixes the relaxed style of Venice Beach with typically Parisian elegance. Paris is in fact the inspiring muse of this project and some of the most representative models of the collection are dedicated to her and her streets full of magic.

Ahlem’s is therefore an “independent” style, which does not follow the trends proposed by fashion, but is recognized for its refined frames: classic or in some cases futuristic shapes, made unique by the attention to detail and respect for quality materials and production processes. Each frame is designed in Los Angeles and handcrafted in France with the use of refined materials. The acetate is produced by Mazzucchelli while all the metal frames are made of palladium and 22K gold plated. The love for fine finishes is also visible in the details: an example are the hand-engraved titanium nose pads for total comfort.

Ahlem was able to create a highly evocative product, simple in its lines, exclusive in its manufacturing that recalls and communicates beauty. Timeless glasses, usable in any season and at any time of life.

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