Born in New York in 1899, the Moscot brand is known everywhere for its iconic glasses.
Moscot’s is the story of a family-run company, 5 generations of men and women who, at the will of the founder Hyman Moscot, have built a company with international success.

This is also thanks to the numerous artists and actors, exceptional customers of the brand, who have chosen Moscot, making it known throughout the world.

Andy Warhol, Whoody Allen, Truman Capote and Jhonny Depp who brought the brand’s historic model, the Lemtosh, to success, to name just a few.
Moscot has always offered “timeless glasses”, of impeccable quality and with absolutely unique attention to detail.
There are currently 5 Moscot collections, all inspired by the family archives and with a constant reference to the past.

But a source of inspiration is also New York, the city where in 1915 Moscot opened the first store on the Lower East Side of Manhattan

With its artists, musicians and creatives of all kinds, this neighborhood has strongly inspired Moscot’s unmistakable style, becoming part of its DNA.

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